Impact assessment of health microinsurance for the social protection of informal workers: A qualitative study for the case of Kenya

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The aim of the author’s field research was to assess the impact of health microinsurance on the working poor in Nairobi, Kenya. The analysis is mainly based on qualitative expert interviews with microinsurance clients in order to gain an in depth understanding of the benefits and shortcomings that the utilization of health microinsurance has had for the lives of informal workers in Kenya. The focus of the analysis is on the potential improvement of social protection of informal workers through health microinsurance.

An inventory of micro-insurance schemes in Nepal

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This inventory gives an overview of existing and newly planned micro-insurance schemes in Nepal, called the MIS Inventory. The inventory is part of a worldwide compendium to document ongoing experiences of micro-insurance schemes, which is being compiled by the ILO’s Strategies and Tools against Social Exclusion and Poverty Programme (STEP) simultaneously in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. In Asia, the inventories are being carried out in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Other planned inventories in the region will cover the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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