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Best Practice Groups

Best Practice Groups

Our Best Practice Groups (BPGs) support the development and adoption of best practice solutions to improve the quality of insurance services and their relevance to beneficiaries.

Each BPG focuses on a specific theme in an effort to add value by generating innovative solutions to problems with its scope. In this way, members not only learn from each other, but their collective expertise can be leveraged to drive the development and uptake of insurance products and services that better serve the needs of the poor.

Thematic areas are closely aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals along with insurance business lines. Each group is expected to produce a concrete set of desired outcomes and work towards these, with the MiN serving as the platform to disseminate the outputs. We currently coordinate the following groups:

Insurance for MSMEs

Coordinators: Karimi Nthiga & Nicolas Morales (Microinsurance Network)

Co-chair: Jeremy Gray (Cenfri)

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Building the resilience of smallholder farmers

Coordinator & Co-chair: Karimi Nthiga (Microinsurance Network) 

Co-chair: Pranav Prashad (ILO's Impact Insurance Facility)

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Improving health outcomes

Coordinator: Asier Achutegui (Microinsurance Network)

Chair: Lisa Morgan (ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility)

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Landscape Study

*Focused on data collection and methodology of our flagship publication 

Chair: Nicolas Morales (Microinsurance Network)

Coordinator: Sara Orozco (Microinsurance Network)

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Making insurance work for women

Coordinator & chair: Karimi Nthiga (Microinsurance Network) 

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