The Microinsurance Network is a not-for-profit membership-based association. Members are part of a global community of like-minded individuals and organisations with a shared vision and mission. Our members represent a wide range of public, private and civil society organisations throughout the insurance value chain in more than 50 countries.

Institutional membership includes up to 20 memberships within the organisation. Individual members have a personal interest in inclusive insurance, but do not use their membership for professional purposes. 

All members can:

  • participate in the Annual Member Meeting and the General Assembly
  • attend exclusive Expert Forums
  • benefit from discounts, where applicable, at regional workshops
  • be elected to the Board of Directors
  • opt to be listed in our online Member Directory*
  • represent the Network at certain global events

In addition, institutional members can:

  • vote at the General Assembly
  • include up to 20 contacts under the organisation’s membership at no extra cost
  • benefit from discounted advertising in our online monthly newsletter**
  • use the Network Member logo on the organisation’s website, in email signatures and in letterheads
*Organisation's name, logo, profile and link to website for institutional members; for individual members - subject to European regulatory requirements: name, photograph and country only.
**Terms and conditions apply
Membership fees per year
Members from low and lower-middle income countries pay significantly lower fees than those from wealthier countries. Check out your country's income level here.
Type of organisationLow / lower-middle income
High / upper-middle income

For-profit company


Corporate foundation

Public donor or multilateral organisation


Microinsurance companies (single country)


NGOs, NPOs & Charities

Self-employed consultants & small firms*


Universities and similar institutions

Regulators, supervisors & policymakers

no feeno fee

*No more than 10 employees

Disclaimer: Each member of the Microinsurance Network is solely responsible for ensuring the quality and sustainability of their microinsurance activities. Membership to the Microinsurance Network is not in any way an endorsement of individual or institutional members or their activities. Therefore the Microinsurance Network cannot be held liable in any manner for its members’ activities.