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Country briefing notes

Country briefing notes

Since 2021, we have been releasing a series of country briefing notes which accompany our Landscape of Microinsurance programme and the complementary country workshops.

From 2022, our country briefing notes are available to all of our subscribers – non-members can purchase them. Don’t yet have a free subscriber account? Simply click on the country of your interest below and follow the instructions to create your free account and buy the report.

Country briefs released in 2021 remain available to our members only. Learn more about membership with the MiN and join our Network today.

Country briefing note: Colombia



Country briefing note: El Salvador

El Salvador country brief_EN_VF-1_page-0001.jpg

El Salvador country brief_ES_VF-1_page-0001.jpg

Country briefing note: Ghana

Ghana country brief_VF-1_page-0001.jpg

Country briefing note: Indonesia


Country briefing note: Pakistan

Pakistan COUNTRY BRIEF_VF-1_Cover.png

Country briefing note: Rwanda

Rwanda country brief_V2-1_page-0001.jpg

Country briefing note: Senegal

Senegal Country Briefing Note_EN_VF-1_page-0001.jpg

Senegal Country Briefing Note_FR_VF-1_page-0001.jpg