Issues in regulation and supervision of mutuals, cooperatives and community-based organisations in increasing access to insurance markets (MCCOs)

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This paper recognises that MCCOs play an important role to improve the effective provision of insurance services in some jurisdictions to groups of the population that would otherwise be underserved or not served at all.

Regulation and supervision of microfinance business in Ethiopia: Achievements, challenges and prospects

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Until 1996, the provision of microfinance services in Ethiopia has been carried out mostly by donor funded programs through NGOs and government institutions. Most of the time a poverty lending approach was followed with subsidized interest rates. This practice has undermined loan collection performance leading to huge default and hence weakened the development of self-sustaining MFIs.

Protecting what our clients build: Microinsurance as the next step

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This interview with Jose Luis Agüela Palmieri, ACCION Resident Advisor to ParaLife, a Colombia-based organization with the mission of providing financial security to the disabled and the vulnerable entrepreneurial poor through microinsurance, discusses whether or not microinsurance can really protect the poor from devastating losses such as natural disasters, and theft.


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