Performance Indicators in Microinsurance - A Handbook for Microinsurance Practitioners (1st Edition)

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This handbook, which together with the Microinsurance Factsheet, provides a toolkit for performance assessment, explains a set of key principles and indicators that are applicable to all types of microinsurance providers and products.

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The potential role of disaster insurance for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the potential role of Index-based Disaster Insurance as a tool for climate change adaptation and social protection in developing countries. The paper will first provide an overview of recently piloted micro policies and macro policies. It will then outline several limitations of the micro approach as a tool for social protection, and move on to discuss the macro approach and its potential as a more sustainable instrument for humanitarian intervention.

Microcare, Uganda: Financing health through communities, in Innovation for sustainable development : Local case studies from Africa

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This volume aims to highlight many exciting innovations for sustainable development in Africa at the local level. It also begins to assess the scope for scaling up these innovations to make an impact on a larger scale. This particular case study focuses on an organisation called Microcare which was created out of a Community Health Financing Micro-Insurance initiative in Uganda.


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