Seminar on Risk Protection Mechanisms for SMEs to Strengthen Inclusive Insurance in Mongolia

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The insurance industry in Mongolia is currently small and still in its development stage. The share of the insurance industry is 0.7% of the whole financial sector. Despite the growth of the insurance sector and recent global awareness on financial inclusion, the insurance market in Mongolia can hardly be considered inclusive at this time. Small companies generate around 20% of Mongolia’s GDP and provide employment of 70% of the national workforce. There are challenges in insurance sector such as the lack of effective distribution channels to reach SMEs.

Feasibility study for the development and implementation of index-based crop microinsurance for cotton farmers in Tajikistan

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The aim of this feasibility study is to examine the potential and feasibility for index-based crop insurance for the cotton sector in Tajikistan. The study was carried out after a methodology assessment was performed based on secondary data collection, field missions, focus group surveys, through direct and conference call meetings, as well as desk work analysis based on the DSSAT crop estimation model.

Measuring access to financial services in Nigeria, results of EFINA’s national survey on access to financial services in Nigeria 2008

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This presentation displays the results of EFInA’s National Survey on Access to Financial Services in Nigeria in 2008. The objective of the survey was to research the ways that consumers demand financial services in Nigeria.

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Regulation, supervision and policy issues for microinsurance in Brazil

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This presentation is on regulation, supervision and policy issues regarding microinsurance in Brazil. The presentation identifies the regulatory barriers as well as identifies the stakeholders and their roles. It also outlines microinsurance products (including potential products such as credit life, group life and funeral) and microinsurance parameters (including term of the contract, maximum benefit values, reduced time limits for claim payments and documents required in case of claim). Lessons learned and as well the MI Commissions main proposals are also outlined.


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