What Factors Affect Voluntary Uptake of Community-Based Health Insurance Schemes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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A research article, summarising a systematic review and meta-analysis carried out by Micro Insurance Academy (MIA), commissioned by the International Initiative on Impact Evaluation (3ie). "Factors Affecting Voluntary Uptake of Cummunity-Based Health Insurance (CBHI) Schemes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries" contains the analysis of key factors influencing the enrolment and renewal decisions for CBHI schemes, gathered from 54 relevant studies across Asia and Africa.

Protecting what our clients build: Microinsurance as the next step

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This interview with Jose Luis Agüela Palmieri, ACCION Resident Advisor to ParaLife, a Colombia-based organization with the mission of providing financial security to the disabled and the vulnerable entrepreneurial poor through microinsurance, discusses whether or not microinsurance can really protect the poor from devastating losses such as natural disasters, and theft.

Peru: Microinsurance paves the way for social protection in rural areas

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This article describes a microinsurance initiative implemented by the National Committee of Irrigation District Users of Peru (JNUDRP) which is aimed at helped a third of the rural population in Peru. This scheme is the first step towards social protection for many Peruvians. It will offer micro-life insurance at marginal cost of the income generated by harvests.

Creating the space for intermediation in the low income insurance market

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The South African National Treasury discussion paper on microinsurance2 seeks to balance the need for consumer protection with financial inclusion and reduce the impact of the cost of regulation on the market. It also proposes changes to the way market conduct and intermediaries are regulated in the low-income market. At its base, the paper recognises that insurance could have an important role in reducing the vulnerability of poor people. Protecting the poor out of the market is, therefore, neither in the interests of the consumer nor business.


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