The Microinsurance market in Guatemala, in Microinsurance: What do we know?


Today, regulatory supervisors, governments, public and private donors, and stakeholders in the insurance market are committed to improving access to insurance products. New legislation on microinsurance, sound policies conducive to the development of insurance markets, and the growing activity of traditional insurance and reinsurance companies in this field are clear signals in this direction. The FMO has acknowledged the potential and the challenge that microinsurance represents and decided in 2008 to fund a large project, implemented by PlaNet Finance and PlaNet Guarantee, in eight countries in Latin America and Africa (Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal). Market studies have been conducted (in all the countries but Burkina Faso and Mali). On the basis of the results of those studies, microinsurance products adapted to the demand of the low-income population have been developed and proposed to the local Microfinance Institutions. Training materials such as games and leaflets were also proposed in order to ensure good comprehension of the products by the beneficiaries. This case study focuses on Guatemala.





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