Kenya’s engagement with the standard setting bodies and the implications for financial inclusion



This case study highlights the experience of Kenya in implementing international standards in the financial sector and the interaction, where relevant, with the topic of financial inclusion – a topic that is of particular relevance to Kenya. It draws on a questionnaire completed by the relevant regulatory authorities, coordinated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), as well as meetings with each relevant regulatory authority. The case study aims to tell the story of Kenya’s engagement with each of the standard setting bodies (SSBs) and to highlight areas where further engagement from the standard setting bodies on the topic of financial inclusion will be welcomed. The Kenyan authorities recognise the important role played by each SSB and would like to contribute to the dialogue process. However, the case study does not present the official position of any of the supervisory authorities consulted and should in no way be construed as making demands on the SSBs. Rather, suggestions made illustrate potential needs at the country level for SSB dialogue, information and guidance.






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