International conference: Improving Financial Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The international conference Improving Financial Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers will take place in Milan, Italy, October 15-16, 2015.

Smallholders generally constitute the vast majority of farmers in most countries, and they account for 60% of global agriculture and provide up to 80% of food in developing countries. Despite their socio-economic importance, smallholder farmers represent the largest share of the developing world‘s undernourished. Facilitating access to appropriate financial products can improve their productivity, livelihood and food security; reduce risks; smooth cyclical cash flows; and help them manage their farm as a viable business. Through 3 plenary sessions and 9 workshops, over 30 international speakers will reflect and discuss on the development of microfinance solutions to improve financial inclusion of smallholder farmers. The conference will include a workshop, moderated by the Microinsurance Network, with the focus on the potential and challenges for scaling-up index insurance for smallholder farmers.

The International Conference is associated to the Giordano Dell’ Amore Microfinance Best Practices International Award 2015, a EUR 50,000 prize granted by the Foundation to the best initiative promoting financial inclusion of smallholder farmers in a developing country. The winner will be announced during the Conference.

Participation to the Conference is free of charge but registration is compulsory.
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