Financial Access Survey 2012: Getting to a More Comprehensive Picture


IFC and CGAP released ‘Financial Access 2012: Getting to a More Comprehensive Picture’, which assesses the state of global financial inclusion. The report is based on data from the International Monetary Fund's Financial Access Survey, a survey of financial regulators in 187 jurisdictions that covers deposits, loans, and insurance by households and enterprises. For the first time, the 2012 edition of the report includes an overview of access to finance by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The report shows a clear - albeit still nascent - recovery from the financial crisis, with both growth rates of deposit and loan penetration picking up strongly in 2011. Access to commercial banking has deepened worldwide, with the number of bank branches and ATMs increasing rapidly since 2004. The world as a whole had 47 ATMs and 17 commercial bank branches per 100,000 adults in 2011.






Oya Pinar Ardic, Kathryn Imboden, Alexia Latortue,

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Access to Finance Forum - Reports by CGAP and Its Partners

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