Fasecolda hosts interactive microinsurance training workshop

Monday, October 8, 2018
Sixty inclusive insurance specialists and leaders from 18 Colombian insurers joined a workshop on inclusive insurance organised by the Colombian insurance association Fasecolda last week. Fellow MiN members Pioneer Insurance and Microinsurance Master were invited to present. Pioneer shared lessons from their journey that has seen them achieve up to 18 million microinsurance enrolments, while Microinsurance Master shared how to adopt key insights from its leadership training programme. One of the key messages that rang clear from the workshop was the need to "learn to unlearn" when it comes to microinsurance, in order to develop solutions tailored to customer wants and needs. Participants left the workshop enriched and inspired.
At the event, Microinsurance Master announced that it is now accepting applications for the second edition of its 10-week leadership programme, that starts on 18 February, 2019 in Manila, Philippines, in partnership with Pioneer Insurance.