Data and Information Management - Manual 3


Data and information management refers to the development, collection, use, and preservation of data and the methods needed to acquire, control, protect, deliver, and enhance its value to achieve the goals of agricultural insurance programs. Issues related to the collection, development, updating, and quality of data are often overlooked when developing agricultural insurance programs. However, such programs will likely fail without a concise, well-developed plan for data and information management.

Data is needed by those who develop, operate, and manage agricultural insurance programs. In addition, agricultural producers need access to high-quality data for making individual purchase decisions. Better data quality and larger data quantities improve decision-making, management, and product development. Successful agricultural insurance programs require accurate and comprehensive data collection, management, and security. This manual presents a wide range of management issues related to agricultural insurance data.




Watts and Associates Inc.,Watts, and the International Institute for Agricultural Risk Management, IIARM

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International Finance Corporation - member of The World Bank Group

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