Building Inclusive Payment Ecosystems in Tanzania and Ghana


Digital financial services (DFS) are transforming the world’s financial sectors. At the heart of this financial transformation is the rise of digital payments services through which nearly any individual or business can send or receive money in real time for almost any purpose and from nearly anywhere in the country—an inclusive payment ecosystem.
Across Sub-Saharan Africa, new success stories are playing out, yet little is understood about the approaches many countries in the region have taken to develop inclusive payment ecosystems. CGAP set out to examine pathways to inclusive payment ecosystems in two Sub-Saharan African countries, Tanzania and Ghana, to learn from their experiences. While this analysis could have highlighted the experiences of any number of countries that have succeeded in developing inclusive payment ecosystems, the Tanzanian and Ghanaian experiences hold unique and complementary lessons.
This paper begins with case studies on the Tanzanian and Ghanaian experiences, recounting their journeys from the introduction of mobile money to today. The stories are told through the lens of five key components of inclusive payments ecosystems: regulatory approach, executive commitment and investment, competitive landscape, interconnected services, and compelling use cases. 





Max Mattern and Claudia McKay

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