AIG Uganda A Member of the American International Group of Companies


The case study focuses and analyses the practices of AIG Uganda and their collaboration with FINCA Uganda. The authors identify the good and the bad of the practices and draw conclusions from them. This case study relates a success story, but it also relates a story of a product that has not seen a reasonable amount of evolution. This is partly due to a lack of pressure from the MFIs, and partly because AIG Uganda did not recognise the importance of microinsurance within its product mix. The needs of the clients do not stand still and therefore products, services, and processes must continually evolve to meet these dynamic demands. AIG Uganda’s microfinance product has experienced some improvements since its inception, such as added coverage and dedicated resources. However, there are some broad areas that call for significant upgrading, including customer education and service, the claims procedures, and the transactional processes between AIG Uganda and the MFIs.






Michael J. McCord, Felipe Botero, Janet S. McCord


CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance

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