Report – International Microinsurance Conference Learning Sessions Tanzania 2014

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In 2012, microinsurance covered 7.31 % of Tanzania’s population. Only three countries in Africa registered a higher percentage. Tanzania ranks fourth, but it probably has the highest poten¬tial for growth. Led by the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA), the spread of microinsurance among low-income segments is a major priority of the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) and the Association of Tanzania Insurers (ATI).

Transforming community health funds in Tanzania into viable social health insurance scheme: The challenge ahead , in Improving access through effective health financing

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In the context of preparing the “Health Promotion and System Strengthening” (HPSS) project funded by the Swiss Government, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) carried out an analysis of the CHF structures in Dodoma Region. This analysis revealed a number of limitations and structural problems for the CHFs, specifically with respect to design, enrolment, servicing, and sustainability of the schemes.

The Social Dilemma of Microinsurance: A Framed Field Experiment on Free-Riding and Coordination

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This paper analyses free-riding and coordination problems in microinsurance. The proposition is that the demand for insurance suffers from a social dilemma when formal insurance is introduced in existing risk-sharing networks. Less risk averse individuals offering welfare-improving insurance are tempted to free-ride on the enrolment of their network members while the more risk averse may fail to coordinate. This results in suboptimal demand. Group insurance binds both types to the social optimum.

MILK Brief #22:“Doing the Math” – Outpatient Health Insurance in Tanzania

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Outpatient Health Insurance in Tanzania, the MILK project’s Client MATH team explores the value that Tanzania’s KNCU Health Plan offers its clients. The KNCU Health Plan is a collaborative effort of the multi-national microinsurance intermediary MicroEnsure, the Dutch NGO PharmAccess, and the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union.

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