The Landscape of Microinsurance in Sri Lanka

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This report provides an analysis of the microinsurance sector in Sri Lanka with related data to the years 2013-2015. Microinsurance in Sri Lanka initially started as a service to support the microfinance sector, focusing on providing loan protection, insurance and life savings. The insurance business extended their services to provide welfare and health products to low-income people.

Index-Based Microinsurance for Paddy Sector in Sri Lanka: An Evaluation of Demand Behavior

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The objective of this study is to support the making of a more efficient and realistic pricing policy for Index-Based Microinsurance Scheme (IBMS) by analyzing, using the contingent valuation method, the insurance demands (i.e. willingness to pay) of the paddy farmers in Sri Lanka. The results show that farmer’s demand is substantially high and determinants are highly location specific, hence indicating a potential discriminating and flexible policy in the insurance scheme.

Developing the Microinsurance Sector in Sri Lanka

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This brief explores the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Technical Assistance (TA) to Sri Lanka for Microinsurance Sector Development. The TA is expected to improve risk mitigation and reduce the vulnerability of the poor and low-income households in Sri Lanka by facilitating access to affordable life and general insurance products. It is primarily focused on conflict- and tsunami-affected areas to support the reconstruction of affected people.

Market research on microinsurance demand

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This research sought to identify the potential microinsurance clients’ socioeconomic status, income and expenditure patterns, perception and understanding of insurance risks, affordability or insurance premiums, and risk mitigation measures, as well as other issues and constraints on access to microinsurance services. It covered both rural and urban areas with attention paid to remote rural areas and a special focus on tsunami and the war-affected areas.

Enrolment in Micro Life and Health Insurance: Evidences from Sri Lanka

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This paper presents evidence on the determinants of insurance participation using probit models on household survey data from Sri Lanka, conditional on household's MFI enrolment. The authors employ multivariate probit regressions to analyse factors affecting the participation in different types of insurance. The authors find that the household's experience of a family related shock is positively associated with participation in micro health insurance schemes under study.

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