Microinsurance in Burkina Faso

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This paper presents findings of fieldwork in Burkina Faso on life, health and cattle insurance. The findings suggest that even in a country as poor as Burkina Faso, microinsurance schemes can flourish. The research finds that simpler forms of insurance can be operated relatively effectively, with limited actuarial skills, provided that pricing is prudent and that institutional defences are in place to combat the hazards that typically affect microinsurance schemes.

Health Worker Preferences for Community-based Health Insurance Payments Mechanisms: A Discrete Choice Experiment

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This study is about the development of community-based health insurance (CBI) schemes in Burkina Faso. In early 2004, the insurance (CBI) scheme, Assurance Maladie à Base Communautiare (AMBC), was introduced in Nouna district, Burkina Faso. Under CBI schemes, members of a community, often defined by geographical proximity or through employment based relationships, pool resources in order to provide support for covering health expenditures.

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