Microinsurance: Issues, challenges and policy reforms: A Kenyan perspective

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This presentation describes the insurance industry in Kenya, including the regulatory environment for microinsurance, the regulatory issues affecting microinsurance, and the way for the microinsurance business which includes developing a national insurance policy on microinsurance, reviewing the current regulatory framework to recognize microinsurance and several others.

Informal insurance: a regulator’s perspective

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Access to insurance may be an important strategy for reducing poverty. Financial markets, and particularly insurance services, can help poor people manage critical risks such as a death in the family, illness or loss of income or property. Despite the growing importance and expansion of microinsurance services geared to low-income people, microinsurance penetration remains limited, leaving the vast majority of poor people without adequate protection. Evidence from a range of countries shows that much of microinsurance is provided in an informal and unregulated way.

Enabling policies for microinsurance market development in Africa

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The presentation focuses on what policies will enable the microinsurance market to develop in Africa by using Kenya and Nigeria as an example. These policies include, but are not limited to, ensuring stability and integrity of the market, encouraging innovation and competition, ensuring fair treatment of consumers, promoting financial inclusion and reducing regulatory costs and barriers. The presentation also outlines payment system issues as well as critical regulatory costs.

Regulatory framework for microinsurance in the Philippines

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This framework outlines the Philippine government’s policy thrusts and direction for the establishment of a policy and regulatory environment that will encourage, enhance and facilitate the safe and sound provision of microinsurance products and services by the private sector. It will also identify and promote a system that will protect the rights and privileges of those who are insured.

Reaching the client: Update on microinsurance innovation in South Africa

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This document seeks to provide an update on the microinsurance innovation experience in South Africa and consider the lessons that can be drawn from their success and failures. It builds on a number of case studies and seeks to draw out the main issues and conclusions across these experiences. In addition to reviewing some new models, the case studies also provide updates on those that were covered in earlier FinMark research.


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