Performance Indicators in Microinsurance - A Handbook for Microinsurance Practitioners (1st Edition)

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This handbook, which together with the Microinsurance Factsheet, provides a toolkit for performance assessment, explains a set of key principles and indicators that are applicable to all types of microinsurance providers and products.

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Process mapping for microinsurance operations: A toolkit for understanding and improving business process and client value

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This manual is intended as an aid to microinsurance institutions. It presents a technique called ‘process mapping’ that can support institutions in self-analysis by assisting them in understanding, developing and improving business processes. The manual describes how a process map can be drawn, analysed and adapted for the microinsurance sector. It offers practical guidance about which processes to concentrate on, and guides the reader through the task of improving these processes, first on paper and then in practice.

Microinsurance product development for microfinance providers

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This document is intended to aid delivery channels, microfinance providers in particular, in working with insurance companies to develop successful microinsurance products for the low-income market. A systematic new-product development process is crucial to the success of microinsurance products. The process outlined in this manual will help microinsurance developers create successful microinsurance products. ‘Success’ means meeting the needs of the three major parties in the microinsurance relationship: low-income policyholders, the insurer and delivery channels.


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