Our history

CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance 2002 - 2009

The Microinsurance Network was originally established in 2002 as the CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance by donor organisations, multilateral agencies, NGOs, private insurance companies and other interested parties.
Sixteen experts met for the first time in Geneva to discuss the need for an exchange and learning platform to ensure microinsurance fulfils its potential. A year after the first meeting, in May 2003 in London, the first working groups were created to better co-ordinate the group’s activities, which included an operations, demand and dissemination working group. 
The result was the first project of the Network: "The Good and Bad Practices in Microinsurance" case studies, which provided the basis for the 2006 key publication "Protecting the Poor: A Microinsurance Compendium".

Microinsurance Network 2009 - 2017

In 2009, having outgrown its informal systems and procedures, the Microinsurance Network decided that it needed a clearer membership and organisational structure to accommodate the expansion of interest and activities in microinsurance and the arrival of new stakeholders. As a result, the Microinsurance Network was officially launched in 2009 with a secretariat based in Luxembourg.
On 31 May 2012 the Microinsurance Network became an independent organisation. It became fully operational on March 1, 2013 and is registered in Luxembourg as a non-profit. Since then, the Network has grown into a community of over 300 experts and 80 organisations from over 40 countries. 
In 2017  the Microinsurance Network celebrated its 15th anniversary. Whilst the inclusive insurance space has grown substantially, with many more organisations active in the sector, the Microinsurance Network is still the only global multi-stakeholder platform that promotes the development and delivery of effective risk management tools, including insurance services, for underserved people.

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