The Microinsurance Network is a growing multistakeholder platform of institutional and individual members, together representing a diverse, global community of more than 400 experts and practitioners from over 60 countries. To learn more about our members consult our member directory below.

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“Being a member of the Network means you can gain experience and knowledge that you would not gain if you were working on your own.”

  • Mandla Shezi, CEO of Hollard International & MiN board member, South Africa


“It’s a great opportunity to learn, to cross-pollinate, to get business opportunities…it’s experts interacting with each other, which is always very exciting.”

  • Craig Churchill, Chief of the ILO Social Finance Programme, Switzerland


“It’s too big an issue to tackle on your own, so the Network brings together practitioners to try and solve these issues and join forces to build solutions.”

  • Bert Opdebeeck, Founder of Microinsurance Master, Belgium


“Being in the Network gives us a huge platform to share our experiences with insurers, service providers, academics, researchers, consultants, experts and technical people…that will help us take microinsurance to low-income households.”

  • Gayathri Sakthirajan, DHAN Foundation, India


“The Network is the go-to place where you can come and learn from your peers about new developments. Peer exchange is at its heart.”

  • Kate McKee, World Bank Group & MiN Board member, United States


“The MiN’s mission is very relevant and important. We’re protecting more and more people, families and SMEs through insurance, and that’s very exciting. It’s a big challenge for me, the MiN and its members, but we’re embracing it.”

  • Francisco Astelarra, Secretary-General of FIDES & MiN Board member, Chile


“We can learn from other members about what they are piloting, what has worked and what hasn’t. It would be impossible to get all that information and experience if you weren’t part of the Network.”

  • Shahzad Iqbal, CFO, Kashf Foundation, Pakistan


“The MiN brings together leaders, practitioners, academics and experts with the same ideal - inclusive insurance is for everyone, it helps support development and can be profitable at the same time.”

  • Alejandra Diaz, Financial Inclusion and Sustainability Director, Fasecolda, Colombia


“The MiN reduces organisational barriers - at events, it’s like a badge which breaks down boundaries for collaboration and information sharing.”

  • Francesco Rispoli, Senior Technical Specialist, IFAD, Tanzania