The State of Microinsurance 2015



This annual journal is the result of a major initiative by the Microinsurance Network bringing together some of the most authoritative voices within the field of microinsurance with the objective of taking stock of the sector and providing sector players with an in-depth understanding of the context in which they operate.

In this first edition of the journal the reader will, amongst other, learn about the state of microinsurance across the globe using data from the World Map of Microinsurance programme (an initiative by the Microinsurance Network in partnership with the Government of Luxembourg and the Munich Re Foundation), failures and innovations in distribution of microinsurance by MicroEnsure, approaches to regulation across the globe from A2ii, the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility take on the complexity of assessing and meeting demand, and the role of microinsurance in disaster risk management strategies from the Geneva Association.

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This issue includes articles by:
Marco Antonio Rossi, Bradesco, CNSeg, FIDES (Editorial)
Andrea Keenan, AM Best
Brandon Mathews, Stonestep
Richard Leftley, MicroEnsure
Michael Matul, ILO's Impact Insurance Facility
Inclusivity Solutions
Michael McCord and Katie Biese; MicroInsurance Centre
A2ii Secretariat Team
Luc Noubissi, CIMA
Christophe Courbage & Shaun Wang, Geneva Association
Pierre Casal Ribeiro & Yann Gelister, Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance Foundation

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Microinsurance Network

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