MIA Online Courses in Microinsurance


The India-based Micro Insurance Academy (MIA), in collaboration with The Infinite Actuary is providing free online courses in microinsurance studies.


The target audience of these courses includes members of grassroots communities worldwide who are interested in establishing their own Community-Based Mutual Aid Schemes (CBMAS). The courses also benefit students of several disciplines (actuarial, development, health financing, insurance etc.) and professionals working/partnering with microinsurers worldwide.


The courses are structured under 3 streams:

  • MIA Core: Principles of Risk and Insurance, Governance Structure, and Business Processes
  • MIA Advanced: Package Design, Pricing, Analysis, and Sustainability
  • MIA Field Implementation: Governance Structure and Key Actors
Each course provides up-to-date evidence (quantitative, qualitative and testimonial), and analysis of real microinsurance data, with relevant exercises. Courses are in the form of video lessons, and a few short video capsules added to capture the testimonials of stakeholders of microinsurance schemes worldwide.
Students can take a free of charge online assessment to test their understanding of the courses. The students are not charged a fee for this assessment; however, students who wish to complete formal exams and get a certificate of successful completion, will have to contribute a modest fee to cover the cost of this service.
The description of each stream and the details on how to register can be viewed in the link above.



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Micro Insurance Academy and The Infinite Actuary