Madison Insurance Zambia

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There are currently seven regulated private insurers in Zambia. Only two of these, Madison Insurance Zambia Limited and NICO Insurance, have reached the low-income market through partnerships with MFIs. This case study documents Madison’s experience in providing insurance to MFI clients through a partner-agent model. Madison’s involvement in microinsurance began in October 2000 through a partnership with PULSE Holdings Limited. Besides PULSE, Madison now works with three other prominent MFIs: FINCA Zambia, PRIDE Zambia and CETZAM Opportunity Microfinance Limited.

Towards a strategy for microinsurance development in Zambia: a market and regulatory analysis

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This study forms part of a series of country studies commissioned by the ILO/UNCDF looking to support country-level microinsurance strategies and to develop cross-cutting insights on designing and implementing such strategies. In the case of Zambia the study is conducted in partnership with FinMark Trust Zambia and the FinMark Trust South Africa.

The landscape and capacity of informal sector: aggregators as potential microinsurance delivery partners in Zambia

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PMTC (Zambia) has recently completed a study for the FinMark Trust in southern Africa to assess the scope for alternative distribution of microinsurance in Zambia through aggregators of clients in the informal sector. Aggregators are third party organisations which provide a potential touch point with members/clients for insurance distribution purposes. The study aimed to scope the landscape of potential aggregators in Zambia and assess their capacity and interest to act as insurance delivery channels.

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