Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are leading experts in their field, representing our diverse membership in different regions. They bring a wealth of experience and represent multiple stakeholders, including insurers, non-profits, tech companies, supervisors and regulators, microfinance institutions and think-tanks. The nine directors are elected by Network members for a two-year term, most recently in November 2018 for the 2019-2020 period:

Doubell Chamberlain (Cenfri), Chair of the Board (2017-2020); Board member (2015-2020).
Doubell is a development economist with extensive global experience in microinsurance. Based in South Africa, he is the founder and Managing Director of Cenfri, an independent, non-profit think tank and thought leader working on financial sector development in emerging markets.

Andrea Keenan (AM Best), Vice-Chair of the Board (2015-2020).
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer at AM Best, Andrea is an economist with expertise in country risk and emerging markets.  Andrea brings her technical insurance knowledge as well as experience in international marketing and management to the board. She is based in the United States.


Lorenzo Chan (Pioneer Life Incorporated), Board member (2017-2020) and Treasurer  of the Microinsurance Network (2019-2020).
President and CEO of Pioneer Life Inc, Retail Organization & Digital Transformation Head of the Pioneer Group in the Philippines, Lorenzo is considered one of the champions of microinsurance in the country. He brings decades of industry experience to the Network, having continually championed insurance for the middle and low income markets through products and distribution channels beyond the traditional.


Kate McKee, Board member (2017-2020).
Based in the United States, Kate retired from the World Bank in 2019. After many years leading work at CGAP on responsible finance, consumer protection and client-focused digitisation and innovation, she most recently led the start-up of the Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI), a World Bank-hosted initiative to accelerate scaling up, innovation and systems change for the graduation approach” to transition millions of households out of extreme poverty.

Mathilda Ström (BIMA), Board member (2017-2020).
Mathilda is Co-Founder and Deputy CEO of BIMA, a leading insurance and health tech player using mobile technology to drive financial inclusion and health services to the underserved. She brings a wealth of expertise in digital and mobile technology. Mathilda is based in the United Kingdom.

Francisco Astelarra (FIDES), Board member (2019-2020).

Francisco has worked in the insurance industry for nearly four decades including spells as Executive Director and President of the Asociación Argentina de Compañías de Seguros (AACS), and currently as Secretary-General of FIDES (Inter-American Federation of Insurance Companies), based in Chile.

Matthew Genazzini (ADA), Board member (2019-2020)
Matthew manages the technical support for microfinance institutions unit at ADA, a Luxembourg-based NGO which aims to strengthen MFIs through the provision of financial support and technical assistance services.

Roshaneh Zafar (Kashf Foundation), Board member (2019-2020)
Founder and Managing Director of Kashf Foundation - Pakistan’s first specialised microfinance institution targeting female micro-entrepreneurs - Roshaneh has been a pioneer in innovating a holistic approach for the provision of financial services to women which includes credit, financial training and access to microinsurance. She writes regularly for various publications Kashf and Pakistan at many international forums including the World Economic Forum.

Previous Board members

The Microinsurance Network would like to extend a sincere thank you to all previous members of the Board who, through their expertise and insights, have helped the Network grow into the strong and diverse membership-based organisation it is today. In particular we would like to thank:

Mandla Shezi, Board member and Secretary of the Microinsurance Network (2015-2020), previously CEO of Hollard International.
Alejandra Diaz Agudelo Board member (2015-2018), Director of Financial Inclusion and Sustainability at Fasecolda.
Denis Garand, Board member and Treasurer of the Microinsurance Network (2015-2018), President of Denis Garand and Associates.
Francesco Rispoli, Board member (2015-2018), Previously Senior Technical Specialist; now Country Programme Manager - Rwanda/Tanzania at IFAD.
Richard Leftley, Board Member (2015-2016); Founder and CEO at MicroEnsure.
Thierry van Bastelaer, Board member (2014-2016); Vice President and Senior Fellow at Abt Associates.

Michael J. McCord, Board member (2013-2016). Held positions as Treasurer, Vice-Chair and Chair of the Board; President at the MicroInsurance Centre.


Chaig Churchill, Board member (2009 - 2014); Founding member of the Microinsurance Network and previous Chair of the Board; Chief of the Social Finance Programme at the International Labour Organization.

Brigitte Klein, Board member (2009-2014); Head of Sector Project Financial System Development at GIZ on behalf of BMZ.


Bert Opdebeeck, Board member (August-December 2013); Previously Microinsurance Programme Coordinator at the Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation (BRS); now Founder of Microinsurance Master.


Alexia Latortue, Board Member (2009-2013); Previous Deputy-CEO at the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP); Managing Director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Brandon Mathews, Board member (2009-2013); Previously Head of Emerging Consumer at Zurich Insurance Company; CEO at Stonestep AG.


Dirk Reinhard, Board member (2009 - 2013); Vice-Chairman at Munich Re Foundation.
Maria Victoria Sáenz, Board member (2009 - 2013); Lead Operations Specialist at Multilateral Investment Fund, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).
Sabbir Patel, Board member (2009-2011); Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer at ICMIF.
 Sabrina Regent, Board member (2009-2011); Director of Microinsurance Programmes at Planet Guarantee.



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