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28-29 September 2022, Hosted by APA Insurance at the Apollo Centre at Ring Road Parklands, Westlands, Nairobi



Day 1 – Open Day  (knowledge sharing sessions) 

Time (CEST)Time (EAT)TopicSpeakers/Facilitators
  • Welcome and introduction to the IDF Inclusive Insurance Working Group 
  • Launching of the IDF Country Taskforce for Kenya 
  • Objectives of the workshop and expected takeaways 
  • Katharine Pulvermacher, Microinsurance Network (MiN) and IDF IIWG Co-chair – virtual 
  • Ashok Shah, APA Insurance 
  • Anne Kamau, AB Consultants and MiN board member 
  • Kipkorir Koskei, IDF 

The landscape of Microinsurance in Kenya 

  • Key findings and statistics on inclusive coverage from the MiN data collection  
  • Emphasise contributions to the SDGs 


  • Stephanie Soedjede, MiN - virtual
9:1510:15The role of insurance in supporting social protection 
  • Zoe Scott, consultant - virtual

The Supervisor and the Industry’s vision for inclusive insurance in Kenya 

  • Mapping of the journey and vision ahead 
  • Key accomplishments and lessons learned from the regulatory sandbox and the BIMA Lab 
  • Bosco Mwanza, Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) 
  • William Kiama, Association of Kenyan Insurers (AKI)  
  • Moderator: Elias Omondi, FSD Africa  
11:0012:00Lunch provided by APA Insurance
12:3013:30Strategy-focused presentation from a Kenyan insurer / distributor 
  • (TBC) 
13:0014:00How we made it in Kenya: challenges and lessons learned by an inclusive insurance pioneer 
  • Richard Leftley, Advisor to MIC and independent consultant 
13:3014:30Stocktaking panel of inclusive insurance projects – Part 1  Quick-fire presentations of inclusive insurance projects/products 
  • Facilitator: Linet Odera, UNDP 
  Kenya Livestock Insurance Program (KLIP) 
  • James Papa, APA Insurance
  ARC Project (TBC) 
  • David Maslo, ARC 
  Kinga Kahawa climate risk insurance for smallholder coffee farmers 
  • Janet Wanjohi, Blue Marble 
  Pula (…)
  • Jacobeth Barno, Pula 
  Innovative microinsurance education for rural communities using offline animated videos   
  • Jack Farren, Rural Inclusion 
  IFAD Project  (TBD) 
  • Josephine Berton, IFAD (TBC) 
15:0016:00Coffee break
15:1516:15Stocktaking panel of inclusive insurance projects – Part 2 
  • Facilitator: Wangeci Mathenge, Inclusivity Solutions 
  CoverApp project (TBC) 
  • Jeremiah Siage, CoverApp 
  Property Microinsurance for Low-Income households 
  • Sarita Mohanty, ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility 
  Goal-based savings product for gig workers 
  • Liza Maru, Britam 
  Open Insurance Healthcare Platform initiative 
  • Dan White, Ninety 
  FSD Kenya project (TBC) 
  • FSD Kenya (TBC) 
  Slots for additional projects (…)  
16:4517:45Wrapping up and plans for the next day 
  • Pedro Pinheiro, MiN


Day 2 (in-person design sprint) 


Time (CEST)Time (EAT)TopicSpeakers/Facilitators
8:309:30Welcome and introduction to the design sprint objectives and expected takeaways 
  • Pedro Pinheiro, MiN 
  • Astrid Zwick, InsuResilience - virtual 

Inclusive Insurance Journey exercise: the road to 2025 

  • Group exercise on the key levers, priority areas, and constraints for the uptake in inclusive insurance penetration (policy and regulation, infrastructure, unexplored risk segments, partnerships, funding, etc)  
  • Pedro Pinheiro, MiN 
  • Anne Kamau, AB Consultants 
11:0012:00Lunch provided by Association of Kenya Insurers - AKI 

Stakeholders’ mapping exercise 

  • Group exercise to map the key stakeholders to be engaged in a country strategy for inclusive insurance based on the key priority areas defined in the earlier panel  
  • Pedro Pinheiro, MiN 
  • Anne Kamau, AB Consultants 
14:3015:30Wrapping up and next steps