Exploring New Frontiers - The Potential of Impact Investments in Microinsurance


This Network publication coordinated by the Funders Discussion Group, explores the state of impact investing in the microinsurance sector, landscapes the investments made till date, identifies challenges in the sphere and makes key recommendations to current and potential microinsurance investors.

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Breaking the ICE: The Role of Insurance Associations in Insurance Consumer Education - Paper n°31


In the last decade, some insurance associations (IAs) have expanded beyond their traditional core functions to develop insurance consumer education (ICE) programmes. Based on a review of the experiences of IAs in five countries, namely Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico and South Africa, Microinsurance Paper #31 discusses the steps that should be taken during the preparation of an ICE. These include assigning responsibility internally, defining funding mechanisms, setting clear goals, defining the programme target and identifying partnership opportunities.

Risk Transfer and Capital Adequacy - Manual 5


Agricultural production is inherently subject to a variety of risks because management decisions or states-of-nature often generate future outcomes (either favorable or unfavorable) that cannot be predicted with certainty. The variability of these outcomes represents risk. Some risks are managed through production and fi nancial decision-making, while others are simply accepted as business expenses. In addition, some risks can be managed through a variety of contractual and insurance related products.


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