Mr Bert Opdebeeck

Organisation full name: Microinsurance Master
Description (bio):

Bert Opdebeeck is the founder of Microinsurance Master, launched in 2017: a comprehensive 10-week leadership programme that wants to strengthen microinsurance leaders and their organisations. By doing so, Microinsurance Master wants to contribute to the advancement of the microinsurance sector and help to reduce the vulnerability of the poor worldwide. Prior to starting Microinsurance Master, Bert has worked with numerous microinsurers in Africa and Latin America while establishing the microinsurance practice at BRS. He has served as a working group facilitator and Board member of the Microinsurance Network and ICMIF’s Development Committee, and has developed training programmes that he and others have taught to more than 450 microinsurance practitioners in 14 countries since 2006.

The Microinsurance Master programme starts in February 2018 with a 2-week immersion training at Pioneer Microinsurance in the Philippines, mostly out of the classroom. Next, participants will receive 8 weeks of tailored coaching by industry leaders to get the training takeaways kickstarted back home. More details can be found on

Expertise: Capacity building/Training
Region (where based): Europe and Central Asia