Spotlight on mobile-enabled microinsurance services

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In this deep-dive, we provide an overview of the mobile-enabled microinsurance industry, as part of our mission to support broader industry stakeholders to increase the utility and sustainability of mobile financial services.
Over the past few years, the growth of mobile-enabled microinsurance has offered cover to millions of previously uninsured people against unpredictable financial shocks and other debilitating life events.

Loyalty based Mobile Insurance: Is Design Aligned to Business Objectives?

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Mobile insurance (the mechanism of delivering insurance products through mobile devices) has reached an impressive scale of more than 10 million clients in last 2-3 years. Most of the outreach, however is contributed by loyalty based mobile insurance products, where a telecom operator pays premium on behalf of its clients to augment their usage and/or loyalty.

Microcare, Uganda: Financing health through communities, in Innovation for sustainable development : Local case studies from Africa

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This volume aims to highlight many exciting innovations for sustainable development in Africa at the local level. It also begins to assess the scope for scaling up these innovations to make an impact on a larger scale. This particular case study focuses on an organisation called Microcare which was created out of a Community Health Financing Micro-Insurance initiative in Uganda.

Agricultural insurance revisited: New developments and perspectives in Latin America and the Caribbean

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The purpose of this paper is to provide IADB staff interested in agricultural yield insurance market development, public officials responsible for financial market policy formulation and supervision, and insurance industry practitioners in Latin America and the Caribbean with a basic primer on the topic, an overview of previous experiences, and a set of guidelines and recommendations on how to develop viable and sustainable agricultural yield insurance markets.


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