Promoting successful regulatory and supervory approaches for increased access to insurance

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CIC has been underwriting microinsurance products since 2001 which have been continuously improved and are being replicated to provide coverage to other low income groups in Kenya including members of the informal sector where the majority of the population lies. This presentation outlines CIC’s experience in Kenya.

Microinsurance policy paper Ghana: Creating an enabling legal and regulatory environment for microinsurance in Ghana

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The Microinsurance Policy Paper maps out the National Insurance Commission's (NIC) future path in the regulation and supervision of microinsurance in Ghana. It spells out the strategic approach chosen, and the principles and key elements underlying this process. In doing so, the paper makes policy recommendations that lay the foundations for the drafting of a legal and regulatory framework aimed at enabling the microfinance market to develop in a sound and customer-oriented environment.

Kenya microinsurance landscape: Market and regulatory analysis

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This report considers the opportunities, challenges and overall scope for the development of the microinsurance market in Kenya. As a comprehensive microinsurance diagnostic, this report covers the demand-side, supply-side and regulatory dimensions of the market. This includes discussions of the relevant macro- and socio-economic, agricultural, health and financial sector contexts. The intention of this diagnostic is to catalyse a process in Kenya through which all stakeholders can collaborate to realise the microinsurance opportunity to its fullest potential.

Index Insurance in Ethiopia, in The Potential for scale and sustainability in weather Index Insurance

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The Weather Risk Management Facility, a joint undertaking of IFAD and WFP, reviewed a range of recent experiences with index insurance programmes around the world, analysing the key actors, features of the products, and their successes and challenges. These pilot programmes have demonstrated the great potential of index insurance as a risk-management tool. They suggest that index insurance could not only provide an additional effective, market-mediated solution to promote agricultural development, but it could also make disaster relief more effective.

Improving access to insurance for the low-Income market: The role of enabling policy and regulatory frameworks, in Microinsurance: An innovative tool for risk and disaster management

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The scope of the book is both to investigate the linkage between disaster risk reduction and Microinsurance and to address possible combinations of loans, savings and insurance schemes for low-income people to provide them with appropriate solutions for at least a partial risk reduction. The book provides an overview on the status and strategies of implementation in various risk sectors (life, health and natural disaster risks), highlighting existing methods, best practices and specific case studies of Microinsurance programmes and initiatives.

Case Study: Shoprite; Part of the FinMark Trust series of case studies on innovative microinsurance models and products in South Africa

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This document draws on a broader study on microinsurance intermediation and its regulatory challenges in South Africa that was conducted for the FinMark Trust and takes the first steps to extend intermediation typologies beyond MFIs and compulsory sales.


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