Insuring the Uninsurable for Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: What Microinsurance can do?

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In Nigeria there is low insurance patronage and the vast majority of citizens are exposed to various types of risks. The resulting effects are poverty, economic insecurity, insurgency, and social vices. Microinsurance is considered as one of the most effective means of reducing the vulnerability of the poor from the impacts of disease, theft, violence, disability, fire and other hazards.

Distribution and Technology in Microinsurance

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Efficient distribution channels and the application of innovative technologies are two key success factors in enhancing the outreach of microinsurance. The purpose of this study is to offer a systematic analysis of the distribution channels and technologies currently being used in this context. The case studies address the experiences of Bradesco in Brazil and CARE in India. The distribution channels described include sale of microinsurance policies through commercial retailers, as well as through non-commercial channels such as primary health care centres.


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