Weather indices for designing microinsurance products for small-holder farmers in the Tropics

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Agriculture is inherently risky. Drought is a particularly troublesome hazard that has a documented adverse impact on agricultural development. A long history of decision-support tools have been developed to try and help farmers or policy makers manage risk. Drought insurance works by encapsulating the best available scientific estimate of drought probability and severity at a site within a single number- the insurance premium, which is offered by insurers to insurable parties in a transparent risk-sharing agreement.

ICMIF's Prosper n°10: Sowing the seeds of mutual protection

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The Issue 10 of Prosper, ICMIF Microinsurance development magazine, is available. The issue gathers a wide range of stories from ICMIF's members around the world, demonstrating an innovative and socially responsible movement. New products are regularly being introduced, including, amongst others, ones originating in El Salvador, Algeria, India and Cameroon, highlighting how mutuals are continually striving to satisfy their members’ needs.

Insuring the Uninsurable for Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: What Microinsurance can do?

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In Nigeria there is low insurance patronage and the vast majority of citizens are exposed to various types of risks. The resulting effects are poverty, economic insecurity, insurgency, and social vices. Microinsurance is considered as one of the most effective means of reducing the vulnerability of the poor from the impacts of disease, theft, violence, disability, fire and other hazards.


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