June/July Member Meeting (JMM)
The Network’s June Member Meeting is the annual meeting for the members of the Network to gain insights into key areas of development in the sector, participate in discussions on topical issues in a relaxed and friendly professional environment, and connect and develop personal relationships with important players in the field.
Consultative Forums
Since 2013 the Microinsurance Network, International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) and the Access to insurance initiative (A2ii) organise jointly Consultative Forums on matters of regulation and microinsurance, bringing together national regulators, supervisors and industry representatives on topics such as distribution, client value, consumer education and insurance service sustainability, consumer protection and inclusive insurance markets. The Forums provide a neutral platform for dialogue amongst regulators and the industry with the objective of fostering the development of microinsurance-enabling regulatory environments across different nations. Each Forum results in a brief note summarising and highlighting key lessons learned for regulators and the wider industry.

International Microinsurance Conference (IMC)
The International Microinsurance Conference brings together over 400 delegates from around the world and from a range of institutions and companies to exchange experiences and discuss the challenges of extending insurance services to low-income people. Since 2005, Munich Re Foundation, in collaboration with the Microinsurance Network and local partners, has organised the conferences across continents on a rotational basis, so as to make participation accessible to key stakeholders across the world.

Microinsurance Learning sessions
The microinsurance Learning Sessions complement the International Microinsurance Conference and are designed to address topics that are particularly relevant to a country or a region and to reach out to local experts. The events are organised jointly with international and local partners.

Expert Forums
The Network's Expert Forums are virtual events which provide a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences amongst experts, fostering dialogue between industry, regulators and other sector stakeholders on cutting edge inclusive insurance topics across the globe.

Regional workshops
The Network organises, in collaboration with its members and partners, focussed and content-driven regional workshops which facilitate peer-to-peer learning and the exchange of knowledge and expertise amongst key stakeholders in the field. 

Calendar of events
To find out about events in microinsurance across the globe visit our online event's calendar at this link.