IMC panel session to highlight Network's "Champions in Microinsurance" initiative

Monday, November 7, 2016

On the final day of the upcoming 12th International Microinsurance Conference, Thursday, 17 November at 11am, the Network will host a panel session entitled "Champions in financial performance management", as part of its new "Champions in Microinsurance" initiative.

The initiative, which will kick off this Wednesday with an Expert Forum on "How to improve performance?" will be followed by the live panel discussion at the 12th IMC, featuring different success stories from across the globe. The aim of the session is to discuss case studies of organisation that are champions in defined microinsurance performance areas. Note: The organisations presenting at the IMC panel will be different from the ones at the Expert Forum as the events will be building upon each other.

With the microinsurance landscape studies providing an in-depth represenative view of the microinsurance sector for the first time, microinsurance practitioners can use this increasing insight to position themselves in relation to their peers and to improve their own performance.

The 12th IMC panelists include:

  • Isabelle Delpeche, Director at Alternative Insurance Company (AIC), Haiti
  • Masood Safdar Gill, Director at UPAP NRSP, Pakistan
  • Gayathri Sakthirajan, Chief Executive - People Mutuals, Social Security Initiative at DHAN Foundation

Facilitator is Bert Opdebeeck, Microinsurance Programme Coordinator at BRS, Belgium. For more details on the IMC, including the full event agenda and more information on the above sessions, click here.

To register for the event, please click here.