1st For Women: The Case For Insuring Women For A Better Tomorrow

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Insurance penetration in Africa is comparatively low, which makes the region a promising market. In 2016, African insurance premiums totaled $60.7 billion, which was just 1.3 percent of global insurance premiums. This represented an insurance penetration rate of only 2.8 percent, which was lower than the emerging market rate of 3.2 percent, and substantially lower than the global rate of 6.1 percent.


A regulatory review of formal and informal funeral insurance market in South Africa

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The provision of funeral cover is, if informal provision is included, both one of the most widely used financial services in South Africa and one of the most neglected. Recently, concern has grown about possible abuses in the provision of funeral cover, with several submissions made to the Parliamentary Committee on Finance in December 2003 suggesting wide scale abuse and fraudulent practices in the sector.

Brokering change in the low-income market: The Threats and opportunities to the intermediation of microinsurance in South Africa

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This study was commissioned with the goal of identifying and reviewing the threats to and opportunities for the intermediation of insurance to low-income (LSM 1-5) households in South Africa. The terms of reference of the study included a specific focus on the broker as an intermediary category and an assessment of the broker’s ability to successfully sell insurance products to the low-income market. The first section briefly looks at some of the fundamentals that are important for the discussion to follow.

The future of microinsurance regulation in South Africa

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This discussion paper proposes that a regulatory space for the provision of micro-insurance products be carved out within the broader regulation of insurance provision in South Africa. Micro-insurance refers to insurance that is accessed by or accessible to the low-income population, provided by a variety of different providers and managed in accordance with generally accepted insurance practices.

South Africa country diagnosis: Making insurance markets work for the poor: Microinsurance policy, regulation and supervision

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This is the report of the South African country study on the impact of regulation on the development of the micro-insurance market. As such it forms part of a larger cross-country study which considers the micro-insurance experience in Colombia, India, the Philippines, South Africa and Uganda with a view to develop a set of guidelines that can assist developing countries to establish a facilitative regulatory environment for micro-insurance. The report describes the regulatory landscape in South Africa as it impacts on the delivery of micro insurance.


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