The microinsurance market in Peru , in Microinsurance: What do we know?

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Today, regulatory supervisors, governments, public and private donors, and stakeholders in the insurance market are committed to improving access to insurance products. New legislation on microinsurance, sound policies conducive to the development of insurance markets, and the growing activity of traditional insurance and reinsurance companies in this field are clear signals in this direction.

Serviperú, Peru, Case study

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At the end of the 1980s and in the early 1990s, Peru suffered a severe economic crisis that led to the implementation of structural adjustments measures to achieve macroeconomic stability. These policies resulted in a revitalisation of the financial system, including the emergence of new types of financial institutions. In this context, low-income persons, who previously had not had access to credit, found funding alternatives in line with their circumstances, which enhanced their income and improved their living conditions.

Peru: Microinsurance paves the way for social protection in rural areas

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This article describes a microinsurance initiative implemented by the National Committee of Irrigation District Users of Peru (JNUDRP) which is aimed at helped a third of the rural population in Peru. This scheme is the first step towards social protection for many Peruvians. It will offer micro-life insurance at marginal cost of the income generated by harvests.

ENSO business interruption index insurance for catastrophic flooding in Piura, Peru

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This concept note describes an innovative risk transfer product being introduced by La Positiva (a Peruvian insurance company). The three core sections of this concept note review the following: 1. The catastrophic weather risks in Piura associated with extreme sea surface temperatures 2. A description of the ENSO Business Interruption Index Insurance (EBIII)1 3. How lenders in Piura can use this insurance as a business interruption insurance leading to increased access and use of credit by smallholders


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