Feasibility study for index-insurance and awareness raising - Nigeria

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Agricultural insurance was introduced in Nigeria in 1987 through the creation of the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS). In 1993, the private company in charge of underwriting and implementing the NAIS was dissolved and replaced by a public-sector corporation, the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation, NAIC.

Measuring access to financial services in Nigeria, results of EFINA’s national survey on access to financial services in Nigeria 2008

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This presentation displays the results of EFInA’s National Survey on Access to Financial Services in Nigeria in 2008. The objective of the survey was to research the ways that consumers demand financial services in Nigeria.

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Insuring the Uninsurable for Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: What Microinsurance can do?

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In Nigeria there is low insurance patronage and the vast majority of citizens are exposed to various types of risks. The resulting effects are poverty, economic insecurity, insurgency, and social vices. Microinsurance is considered as one of the most effective means of reducing the vulnerability of the poor from the impacts of disease, theft, violence, disability, fire and other hazards.

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