Kilimo Salama – Index-based agriculture insurance

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The objective of this case study is to describe the design and implementation of an index-based agricultural insurance product targeting rural farmers in Kenya. The Kilimo Salama (?Safe Agriculture? in Kiswahili) product has been successful in protecting farmers against risks from drought or excessive rainfall, both of which can have disastrous effects on the harvest.

Impact assessment of health microinsurance for the social protection of informal workers: A qualitative study for the case of Kenya

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The aim of the author’s field research was to assess the impact of health microinsurance on the working poor in Nairobi, Kenya. The analysis is mainly based on qualitative expert interviews with microinsurance clients in order to gain an in depth understanding of the benefits and shortcomings that the utilization of health microinsurance has had for the lives of informal workers in Kenya. The focus of the analysis is on the potential improvement of social protection of informal workers through health microinsurance.

Microinsurance: Issues, challenges and policy reforms: A Kenyan perspective

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This presentation describes the insurance industry in Kenya, including the regulatory environment for microinsurance, the regulatory issues affecting microinsurance, and the way for the microinsurance business which includes developing a national insurance policy on microinsurance, reviewing the current regulatory framework to recognize microinsurance and several others.

Promoting successful regulatory and supervory approaches for increased access to insurance

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CIC has been underwriting microinsurance products since 2001 which have been continuously improved and are being replicated to provide coverage to other low income groups in Kenya including members of the informal sector where the majority of the population lies. This presentation outlines CIC’s experience in Kenya.

Practical experiences in improving afordability and delivery channels of weather index insurance for Kenyan smallholder farmers, in Microinsurance: An innovative tool for risk and disaster management

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The scope of the book is both to investigate the linkage between disaster risk reduction and microinsurance and to address possible combinations of loans, savings and insurance schemes for low-income people to provide them with appropriate solutions for at least a partial risk reduction. The book provides an overview on the status and strategies of implementation in various risk sectors (life, health and natural disaster risks), highlighting existing methods, best practices and specific case studies of microinsurance programmes and initiatives.


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