Our mission

To achieve this mission we:

  • Encourage shared learnings
  • Facilitate knowledge generation and dissemination
  • Provide a global multi-stakeholder platform

The Network's work is anchored on four strategic outcomes, considered key for the sector to reach its full potential:

Increased supply of providers and products

A diverse and growing number of providers offer a broader range of insurance services to an increasing number of low-income people. With more providers offering a wider range of insurance products, the gap between supply and demand of microinsurance products will narrow. Overall supply of insurance products and services should increase, both in terms of the number of low-income individuals covered by insurance, but also in terms of the range of services offered. The Network can ensure that relevant research and information is being communicated directly to those implementing insurance schemes on the ground, such as insurance brokers, intermediaries, microinsurance companies, etc.

Appropriate regulation and supervision for the microinsurance providers

Regulators and supervisors at the international and national levels stimulate the provision of insurance services and protect clients. A well-functioning policy and regulatory environment is critical to the successful expansion of insurance to the unserved. The Network plays an important role in offering opportunities for access to regulators and for its members’ views to be represented in such discussions. The Network aims to act as a catalyst for beneficial policymaking decisions.

Leveraging the recognition within global platforms that microinsurance is a key risk mitigation tool for the poor and unserved

Governments, multilaterals and other global platforms incorporate microinsurance into strategies. The Network has contributed to a global recognition that microinsurance is a vital risk mitigation tool to the poor and unserved. To keep this momentum, the Network continues to support and remains proactively involved with international organisations, governments, global platforms and multilaterals.

A performing and sustainable Network

A thriving and growing Network that provides high member value and is financially sustainable. In order to successfully achieve the first three outcomes, the Network must become a financially and technically sustainable organisation. It is important that the Network secures diverse funding. Furthermore, in order to increase membership, and thus funding and relevance, it is vital that the Network continues to source new and highly relevant ways of supplying members with valuable, high-quality and exclusive benefits. 

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