9 November 2016
Expert Forum

November 9, 2016, 2-3pm CEST

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The microinsurance landscape studies give us for the first time a representative in depth view of the state of the microinsurance sector. Insight from these studies enable microinsurance practitioners to position themselves against their peers and to use this information to improve their own performance. However, it is not enough for insurers working in the low-income space to compare against a product average, if the average is not yet where it should be.

In this Expert Forum we launch our new Champions in Microinsurance Initiative where we speak with organisations who have been able to excel in one or more performance areas, and uncover what strategies and processes are driving their success. We also find out what challenges and trade-offs they had to consider and what aspirational goals they are setting for themselves going forward.


  • Geric Laude, President and CEO at CARD Pioneer Microinsurance Inc., Philippines on growth and promptness of claims settlement
  • Agnes Chakonta, Managing Director, Madison Life insurance, Zambia on claims ratios


  • Bert Opdebeeck, Microinsurance Programme Coordinator at BRS, and co-founder of MicroFact, an initiative that aims to promote standardise performance monitoring in microinsurance and microfinance

What are Expert Forum?
Expert Forums are a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in microinsurance, exchange expertise and stay ahead of the curve. They are designed in an interactive manner, enabling participants to raise questions and participate in in depth discussions on specific topical areas for development of the sector. 

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