1 December 2016
Language: English

The Asociación de Supervisores de Seguros de América Latina (ASSAL), the Superintendencia General de Seguros de Costa Rica (SUGESE), the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) and the Microinsurance Network are organising the 8th Consultative Forum in San José, Costa Rica on "Challenges and opportunities presented by alternative distribution channels". 

The one-day event will take place on 1 December, 2016 following the IAIS-ASSAL Regional Seminar to be held on 28-30 November, and will focus on the potential for aggregators greatly expand the reach of microinsurance to previously unserved consumers through leapfrogging their infrastructure for client identification, sales, admin and payments; as well as the down-side implicating flawed product design that does not cover essential risks, entails high commission rates and low consumer understanding, and in turn results in questionable product value and low claims ratios.

It is expected that approximately 60 representatives from Latin American and Caribbean insurance supervisory authorities and the industry will attend the event. The objective of the Consultative Forum is to bring about dialogue between supervisors and the industry, which is critical to fostering knowledge and sound policymaking in the field of inclusive insurance.

View the full invitation: English version, Spanish version
View the event's agenda: English version, Spanish version 
View the resulting Briefing Note here.

To register for the event, please send an email to the A2ii Secretariat, here