21 June 2016 - 22 June 2016


This year's June Member Meeting will take place on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June, at KTC Königstein in Germany with the theme “Development: A prerequisite for success in microinsurance?” 

The personal nature of the meeting allows for a unique opportunity for a candid exchange of knowledge and ideas amongst experts and peers, something that is often hard to come by at bigger conferences or events.

The event will include sessions on emerging topics such as financing risk reduction through microinsurance, challenges in insurance development, the importance of formalisation for inclusive insurance, benchmarking in microinsurance and microinsurance business processes, to name but a few. 2016 also marks an important year for the Network's strategic framework going forward, and the meeting will provide members with the opportunity to be an integral voice in shaping the Network's agenda and objectives for the next five years.

Registration and agenda
The deadline for registration is 31 May, 2016. Please note that this meeting is an exclusive, member-only event and attendance is limited to sixty people on a first-come, first-served basis. 
View the meeting agenda at this link
The  list of participants is available here


Bring a friend initiative
The Network would like to give all Network members the opportunity to bring a guest to the June Member Meeting. The objective of this initiative is to provide potential new members with the opportunity to experience the Network and gauge their interest prior to joining. Invitees need to be working in microinsurance and will be expected to cover their own costs. There will be a maximum of ten spaces for non-member participants and admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis. To invite a friend please send an email to the Network secretariat with the person’s details (name, organisation, field of expertise, email). Members who bring a friend to the event will benefit from a 20% discount on their accommodation fees at the JMM.

Supporting attendance from the regions
To enable more members from the regions to participate in the annual event, the Network is offering travel reimbursement to three new members. To be eligible you need to live and work in a developing country and have joined the Network between Jan 1, 2015 and April 15, 2016. The successful applicants will be expected to give a brief presentation about their work at the JMM. To apply please fill in the form below and send it to info@microinsurancenetwork.org by 3 May, 2016. The selection will be made based on the best applications, with a view to maximising diversity and knowledge sharing at the event. Selected applicants will be notified by the Secretariat by 10 May. Application form can be found here.

Plenary 1 – Financing risk reduction through microinsurance, by Toon Bullens, Juwon (pdf)
Plenary 2 – Telenor and the Indian case study, by Richard Leftley, MicroEnsure (pdf)
Plenary 4 – Experiences from the field, by Peter Palaniswami, Shepherd, India (pdf)
Plenary 4 – Experiences from the field, by Gilbert M. Ruturutsa, ADED, Democratic Republic of the Congo (pdf)
Plenary 5 – Microinsurance business processes handbook and case study, by David M. Dror and Dr Swapna Jambhekar, Micro Insurance Academy (pdf)
Plenary 6 – Index-based livestock insurance: Experience from pastoral communities in Northern Kenya, by Hassan Bashir, Takaful Insurance of Africa (pdf)
Plenary 7  - Benchmarking in microinsurance, by Bert Opdebeeck, Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation (BRS) (pdf)
Plenary 8 – Microinsurance and the capital market: Why insurance matters but insurers don't, by Doubell Chamberlain, Cenfri (pdf)
Plenary 9 –Mobile insurance risk assessment and regulatory options in Ghana, by Branko Wehnert, GIZ (pdf)
Plenary 10 – Migrant linked microinsurance, by Barbara Magnoni, EA Consultants (pdf)
Plenary 11 – Expert Groups: The concept and in practice, by Michael J. McCord, Microinsurance Network (pdf)
Plenary 13 – What role for the Network going forward? by Michael J. McCord Microinsurance Network (pdf)

Post conference report
View the post conference report here