3 March 2016
Expert Forum
Language: English

The Microinsurance Network together with Making Finance Work for Africa, is hosting the first module of a three-part online Expert Forum series on microinsurance in Africa, on March 3rd at 1pm GMT. In this first module, participants will discuss the state of microinsurance in the region, using key data coming out of the Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa report published by the Microinsurance Network and Munich Re Foundation in cooperation with Making Finance Work for Africa and GIZ on behalf of BMZ and due to be released this quarter. Participants will gain data-driven insights into how the microinsurance sector has evolved since the previous study in 2011, as we examine growth, provider perspectives and premiums with a particular focus on product evolution driving sector development forward.

Participants will investigate factors explaining why certain countries that seemed to be in similar stages of microinsurance development in 2011 have experienced vastly different evolution over the last 3 years, sparking an inveractive discussion on participants' experiences in their respective countries.

Facilitator: David Ashiagbor, Coordinator, Making Finance Work for Africa

Topic Expert: Michael J. McCord, President, MicroInsurance Centre

This event has now ended.

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