15 December 2020
Expert Forum (EF)
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Recognition of the link between climate change and health is increasing and yet, according to a new report published by The Lancet, “in absolute terms, climate change continues to be framed in ways that pay little attention to its health dimensions.” 

Join us for our final Expert Forum for this year, during which we will learn more about how climate change is impacting the health of vulnerable households in low-resource settings, the importance of strengthening public health systems to cope with and prevent the increasing burden of disease, and what insurers can – and are doing about it.

This event will build on a session that MiN organised at the 2019 International Conference of Inclusive Insurance in Bangladesh, where we focused more specifically on the impact that natural disasters have on mental health specifically – something that is sadly all too often overlooked despite its long-term and sometimes fatal consequences.

Our panel of experts includes:

  • Dr. Astrid Zwick, Head of Secretariat, InsuResilience Global Partnership, Germany
  • Dr. Abdul Ghaffar, Executive Director, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, Switzerland
  • Milena Sergeeva, Liaison Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, Global Climate and Health Alliance, Chile
  • Moderator: Katharine Pulvermacher, Executive Director, Microinsurance Network, Luxembourg

We invite our members not just to attend the session, but provide examples of initiatives that are already being taken to address the risk embodied by emerging health profile of the changing climate.

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