5 December 2019
Expert Forum (EF)
Language: English


"Microinsurance is a business of doing good, and if done well, it is also good for the company’s bottom line." That was a promising conclusion of the Microinsurance Learning and Knowledge (MILK) Project by the MicroInsurance Centre in 2014.

In this Expert Forum, we will revisit this conclusion and look for new evidence for the business case of microinsurance, exploring sector-wide trends and aspiring examples of companies that live up to this promise. Our illustrious panel will discuss how they define, struggle and succeed in building the business case of microinsurance.


  • Michael J. McCord, Managing Director, MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman, USA
  • Laura Elena Rosado, Strategy and Finance Manager - Emerging Customers, AXA, France
  • Raimund Snyders, Leapfrog, South Africa
  • Moderator: Bert Opdebeeck, Founder, Microinsurance Master, Belgium

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