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Countless millions of informal traders, micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses in developing countries live with the daily risk of falling back into poverty because they either can’t access or can’t afford insurance. Risk management and insurance are vital for building the resilience that can help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in emerging economies which are vulnerable to risks and have a high incidence of business failure.


What constitutes an “MSME” in a developing country context? What specific risks do they face? How does this ‘missing middle’ access finance – and insurance? What role can MFIs play in helping their clients to “graduate”, and what role does insurance play in this? What can emerging MSMEs do to improve access to insurance for their employees? Where does the informal sector fit into all this?


Join our panel of experts (see below) on Monday, 20 May at 4pm CEST to tackle these questions and more on inclusive insurance for MSMEs, its challenges, business case and approaching it from a value chain lens, as well as an insurer’s perspective.

  • Gregor Sahler, Advisor - Sector Programme Global Initiative for Access to Insurance, GIZ, Germany
  • Jeremy Gray, Senior Engagement Manager, Cenfri, South Africa
  • Siani Malama, Head – Business Development & Marketing, Hollard, Zambia
  • Moderator: Alice Merry, Independent Consultant, Peru