12 December 2017
Expert Forum

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In light of recent natural disasters around the world in the past few months, this Expert Forum aims to shed light on the measures taken by government bodies, international entities and the development community to mitigate the risks associated with these major climate catastrophes, as well as with other daily shocks faced by vulnerable, low-income populations.

Veronika Bertram-Hümmer of KfW will present her research and findings - carried out through DIW Berlin - from a recently published paper on index insurance as a recovery tool for households in Mongolia, while Miguel Solana of the ILO's Impact Insurance Facility will be on hand to further enrich the discussion by setting the scene with the current state of affairs, as well as elaborating on the creation of effective risk-pooling mechanisms, the importance of integrating prevention and risk mitigation to insurance, and the challenges of reaching out, among other elements, using pertinent examples to illustrate.

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