5 July 2016
Expert Forum

The recording of this Expert Forum is available at this link

Event details:

Tuesday 5th July 20163pm CEST (9am EST).

Gain insights on the role insurance can play within the context of emergency relief, learn about some of the experiences with disaster insurance schemes targeted at low income people in Peru and China, and actively participate in the discussion on lessons learned going forward.

Ulrich Hess, Senior Advisor, GIZ, Germany
Lourdes del Carpio, Director of Rural Insurance, La Positiva Seguro y Reaseguros, Peru
Weijing Wang, Independent Consultant (​Previously with United Nations World Food Programme), China

Annalisa Bianchessi, Communications Coordinator, Microinsurance Network

What is it all about?
The detrimental effect of climate change and natural catastrophes carry with them devastating consequences for low income people. The effects include financial shocks that often become insurmountable both at the individual and national level, as well as foregone revenues as low income people minimise risks rather than maximise revenues. Whilst disaster and agriculture insurance may go a long way in supporting recovery of livelihoods after disasters strike, the scale they have been able to reach has thus far been disappointing, in part because of the high costs of insuring catastrophic risk.

For these reasons Disaster Assistance Programmes (DAPs) have been the main mechanism in support of recovery for the poor. However the processes associated with DAPs mean that assistance often arrive with delays and struggle to target those most in need. Once DAPs are institutionalised they tend to increase people’s dependence on assistance and act as a disincentive for seeking alternative precautions against catastrophic loss.

In this Expert Forum, at hand of case studies in Peru and China, we will look at the benefits that disaster insurance can provide, and facilitate a discussion on the potential mechanisms for their delivery.

This event has now ended.

View the full presentation displayed during the Forum here
The recording of this Expert Forum is available at this link